Tuesday, July 22, 2014

JULY 22, 2014

Well, I guess I'll try this again...............

I haven't posted anything on this blog FOREVER! So, here's one of my favorite miniature projects completed quite awhile back, but I still love it!

The King's Den

The fireplace wall: I designed the fireplace and made 26 kits for my dollhouse club project. The wonderful sconces are Roundtable kits, as is the tapestry.

Close up of the mantle: The statue is a RL chess piece, the wooden box is a Roundtable kit, the silver box is from a charm bracelet, I made the dripping candles and the tray.

The texture is a "stone" spray from Home Depot, the grate is made from a plastic strawberry basket, RL screening, and jewelry findings, the soot is rubbed on using RL burnt matches.

The Shield Wall: There is a dainty chair for those rare occasions when the Queen visits the King's personal mancave!

The suit of armor is on a stand I made from wood and sprayed with "stone" paint. The plaque is a metal piece I found lying in the street!

I painted these shields using a 3~haired paintbrush! BTW, the wall texture is a happy accident due to putting on spackle too thick! It cracked as it dried, and was painted afterward, I love it!

The Queen's Chair

The King's Table: His crown, books, sword, dagger, chalice, scrolls, and parchment in disarray. I added the tiny fingernail jewels to all these pieces, and made the books from another Roundtable kit.

Table detail, and the King's coin box. The table was designed by my SIL, after which I also made 26 table kits for the club!

Tall candestand: This piece is also a Roundtable kit

The King's Chair: this is made from a miniature toilet called "Gentleman's Throne". I purchased it from Hobby Builder's Supply, removed the potty, upholstered the seat, and added a RL wooden embellishment & a nail jewel!

The King and Queen thank you for visiting!